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) into Sarek’s mind, where she sees replayed again and again the moment she was rejected by Vulcan’s equivalent of Starfleet.

This event created a rift between Sarek and Burnham, as she had always blamed him – but repeated visits to Sarek’s mind eventually reveal that Sarek had done all he could, and it was barely-disguised racism that stopped Burnham from joining up.

Burnham’s Vulcan upbringing means she’s hooked up to Sarek’s katra – a kind of Vulcan soul – via some kind of existential wi-fi, so Lorca sends her into the nebula to see if she can find Sarek’s ship.

This she does via a poorly-explained -ing (Vulcanceptioning?

, Paramount Pictures said it was planning to make a fourth movie in its reboot of the beloved series.