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After "the L came down upon mount Sinai", Moses went up briefly and returned and prepared the people, and then in Exodus 20 "God spoke" to all the people the words of the covenant, that is, the " ten commandments" as it is written.

Modern biblical scholarship differs as to whether Exodus 19-20 describes the people of Israel as having directly heard all or some of the decalogue, or whether the laws are only passed to them through Moses.

not because he’s trying to be a badass but because he wants to help people who can’t help themselves.

By all rights, he meets almost , is defined by violence.

It doesn’t mean that he’s any less of a man because you can count the number of girlfriend’s he’s had on the fingers of one foot because it’s not a measure of his worth…But it’s not Steve’s restraint or resistance to violence that makes him an example of positive masculinity.