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You’d maybe liken me to Bridget Jones, because I’ll admit, I have those big-ass Spanx……the Primark version though because who actually buys the Spanx ones?However, the chances of two upper class toffs fighting in Sefton Park lake over me is about as likely as Red Rum winning the 2018 Grand National.

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Maybe my perception has something to do with the way I, like so many others, grew up under the pressure of pervasive heteronormativity.

That is to say: be heterosexual and heteroromantic; fulfil your pre-judged role before, during, and after dating; learn some rules; and follow some linear sets of A-to-B patterns of sex and romance.

Trigger Warnings: Abusive relationships, Sexual and Romantic Pressure, Bullying, Family Issues, Trans Fetishisation For those interested in dating, we all have different complicating factors in who and how we like to date, and in our own social and economic positions.

It’s like any other activity in that ever-shifting complexity.

Oh, unless you include the charming use of ‘gay’ as a peer insult.

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    The differences of what we wanted in life were becoming apparent.

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    (My first note: .) Of course, by the time I get around to writing anything substantive, it will almost be time for TI6, but on the plane to Seattle I am blissfully unaware of the gruesome procrastination to come. MLG Raleigh was more advertising circus than tournament, with half the floor space occupied by booths promoting computer peripherals and for-profit game design colleges with slogans like “Turn Your Passion Into Your Career.” But there were still people competing in That event was surreal in its own way.

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    As the term is used here, it is synonymous with Ectognatha.