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The reason for this is that they only asked about sexual arousal in connection with cross-dressing (bummer! Therefore it makes sense that the erotic feelings arise as crossdreaming or crossenacting instead.

Could the very existence of autoandrophiliacs be of help for autogynephiliacs? There is so much guilt and shame involved with having AGP fantasies, especially when it comes to initiating relationships with women.

They do not say anything about crossdreamers and crossenacters, i.e.

women that get aroused by the idea of having a man's body or by acting like man. I would guess that crossdressing does not have the same symbolic value for F2Ms as it has for M2Fs, simply because women can dress up like men anytime and get away with it.

The Blanchard et al and Goozen et al studies do not tell us much about their erotic fantasies, though.