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a lot of those conversations were just taken out of context I think.”, and the stories felt, to me, not the essence of the show anymore,” Gateley says.

“[And] at that point, there was so much drama off-camera, as well as on-camera, the show just became not fun to make anymore.”“I didn’t feel that there was that much story to really tell,” she adds.

turns 10 years old on May 31, and in honor of the anniversary, we’re looking back with the stars and minds behind the iconic show. but that’s not really an intimate view of what goes on in their lives every day. EXCLUSIVE: Whitney Port Gives the Real Story Behind Her Time at “I really didn’t want to make the show anymore,” Gateley confesses.

Liz Gateley executive produced all six seasons of the MTV hit, and created the series that birthed it, “That was a big decision for us not to include any of when she becomes sort of ‘famous,’” Gateley recalls. That’s not real life.”Conrad’s co-star, Whitney Port, tells ET it definitely was a challenge to keep that part of life off TV.“They couldn't show us, like, walking carpets at parties, or endorsing things, or having our own lines, because that would sort of take away the legitimacy of having this struggling, young kid in L. “The network said, ‘Let’s do a couple more seasons, this is a big show for us.’ And we made the decision to keep going without her.”“She was done with the show,” Gateley says.

C.", although she has since expressed her distaste for the nickname.