Who is birdman dating

The inspector walks outside Paddy's as the truck pulls away and Mac drives her car back into position.She comments that the dumpster was 6 inches too close but she's still giving them a high passing grade.Tina Wiseman is the longtime girlfriend of NBA player Chris “The Birdman” Andersen.

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The steak delivery man arrives, thinking Paddy's is Carmine's Restaurant, and asks for a meal before he unloads 4,000 steaks.

(Dee's fat fingers mistyped "400.") Knowing the health inspector is minutes away he has Dee wait on him in the alley behind Paddy's while Frank moves the semi truck and Mac remove the sign from the bar.

Charlie orders them to hide the chickens in the office and attempts to find Frank's shoes in a toilet (Frank confesses he flushes things down a toilet to "feel in control".) Mac and Dennis begin fighting for ownership over the chicken/steak scam idea, and Dennis scratches Mac's face.

Charlie tells him they always figure out ownership in "arbitration." Later, when the plan nearly falls apart the ownership is lobbed between Mac, Dee, Frank, and Dennis.

Charlie walks briskly toward Paddy's Pub, calling Frank telling him to not let anybody in the bar as he has it cleaned and ready for an impromptu health inspection he just learned about.