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Requires producers to comply with specified requirements, including conservation and wetland provisions, in order to qualify for such loans. Permits a producer to obtain marketing assistance loans and loan deficiency payments through a marketing association or cooperative. Directs the Secretary to establish a single county loan rate for each kind of other oilseed. 1203) Establishes a nine-month marketing assistance loan term. Authorizes producers to repay a marketing assistance loan for upland cotton, long grain rice, and medium grain rice at a rate that is the lesser of: (1) the loan rate established for the commodity plus interest, or (2) the prevailing world market price for the commodity.

Authorizes producers to repay a marketing assistance loan for extra long staple cotton at a rate established for the commodity plus interest.

Directs the Secretary to submit audit results to Congress (Sec.

1439) Directs: (1) the Secretary to order the Office of the Chief Economist to conduct a study of the dairy market stabilization program's impacts, and (2) the Office of the Chief Economist to summit a related report to Congress. 1451) Terminates the production margin protection program on December, 31, 2017. 1452) Directs the Secretary to promulgate administrative and enforcement regulations for the production margin protection, supplemental production margin protection, and market stabilization programs. 1461) Amends the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 to require at least monthly reports to the Secretary from: (1) each manufacturer concerning the price, quantity, and moisture content of dairy products sold by the manufacturer and any other product characteristics that may aid price discovery in the dairy markets; and (2) each manufacturer and other person storing dairy products, including dairy products in cold storage, concerning information on the quantity of dairy products stored. 1462) Directs the Secretary to: (1) establish an information clearinghouse to educate the public about the federal milk marketing order system; and (2) conduct a study of the feasibility of establishing two classes of milk, a fluid class and a manufacturing class, to replace the existing four-class system in administering federal milk marketing orders.

Establishes the loan deficiency payment computation as the payment rate for the commodity multiplied by the quantity of the commodity produced.