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But God, all along, had planned a way to restore His human of His Son, Jesus Christ. By leading our first parents into sin, the devil assumed that their corruption (and the inevitable corruption of all of their offspring) meant that mankind would forever be useless as potential replacements for himself and his followers. For in the wake of the death sentence Man brought upon himself by his own sin, God brought eternal life out of death through the death of His Son.

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The Five Dispensational Divisions of Human History a. From the first, prehistoric Eden (see Part 1 of this series), to the garden of Eden, to the dark world in which we now find ourselves (wherein He is the only light: Jn.1:4-5; 1:9; ; ; 1Jn.2:8), to the coming Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ is and has always been the visible Person of God, the face of God (2Cor.4:6; Heb.1:3), and the ultimate issue for every human being who has ever lived.

The Millennium: from Christ's return to the end of history 6. So it is that Jesus Christ is the true center and the proper focus of every life, the Person in respect to whom every life is ultimately divided in two, and absolutely, without question the only possible way of salvation. history, because human history has no purpose without His saving work on the cross (which is the entire point of history).

The Two Phases of Human History: The Foreshadowing and Fulfillment of Jesus Christ: The Old and New Covenants 3. The cross (followed in short order by the resurrection) was obviously the focal point of our Savior's earthly life, and it is history's focal point as well (in tandem with the resurrection).

From the divine point of view, all history before the cross looks forward to it, and all history since looks back at it.

For every human life is divided into two essential phases: 1) : from response to God (leading to faith in Christ), or rejection of God.