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This illness, known as primary or acute HIV infection, may last for a few weeks. DIAGNOSIS HIV test is done to detect human immunodeficiency virus in saliva, serum or urine.

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AIDS is generally caused by unprotected sex with an infected partner.

There is no cure, but there are many medicines to fight/ control HIV infection. SYMPTOMS There are 3 main stages of AIDS: Acute symptoms, clinical latency and severe symptoms : The majority of people infected by HIV develop a Influenza (flu) like illness within a month or two after the virus enters the body.

NATIONAL AIDS CONTROL PROGRAMME-III NACP-III is based on the experiences and lessons drawn from NACP-I and II, and is built upon their strengths.

Its priorities and thrust areas are drawn up accordingly and include the following: Mainstreaming and partnerships are the key approaches to facilitate multi-sectoral response engaging a wide range of stakeholders.

An analysis of Annual Sentinel Surveillance data (2003-2005) shows that female sex workers (FSWs), men-who- have-sex-with-men (MSM) and injecting drug users (IDUs) have disproportionately higher incidence of HIV infection.