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Awake Dating is live now- with over 9000 members- and all active Members will receive a Membership Pass to Awake Social when launched. And who values your privacy, security and personal information out there? You won’t be followed by advertising cookies or have your data used by others.

Nobody can deny we need more online social options than we do now- it's not just the awake/truther/spiritual and alternate communities that have felt disenfranchised. We are different-we are an ‘awake’ family company who employs people of like minds and sound morals. Awake Dating broke the mold in connecting people online, in a real and genuine way- and we are about to smash the stratosphere with our social offering.

That is why we are building this platform -to allow the aware to network in a 'safe space'.

Awake Dating is live now with over 7,500 members- so get there and chat with someone interesting people.

Under this wide tent are the lovesick eyes of every variety of truther you can possibly imagine…Fidden, the COO and founder, defines his typical ‘awake’ user as “one who has investigated and come to his or her own conclusions on a collection of topics and issues.

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