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The percentage of residents born in Florida was 30.5%, the percentage of people born in another U. state was 9.2%, and the percentage of native residents but born outside the U. was 4.3%, while the percentage of foreign born residents was 56.1%.A financial transaction tax is a levy placed on a specific type of monetary transaction for a particular purpose.var component = ; component.container="#cme Volume10"; To Show = 20; component.width = 960; component.height = 274; component.handler="cme.component.volume"; component.component Id=10; Update Timeout=60000; component.ttl=60; Url="/Cme WS/mvc/Volume/Exchange Vol?

Allapattah is northwest of downtown, and about five miles (8 km) east of Miami International Airport.

It is located at Many of the businesses and educational institutions in the neighborhood are generally located on Northwest 36th Street (US 27).

As such, this tax is neither a financial activities tax (FAT), nor a Financial stability contribution (FSC), or "Bank tax", for example.

This clarification is important in discussions about using a financial transaction tax as a tool to selectively discourage excessive speculation without discouraging any other activity (as John Maynard Keynes originally envisioned it in 1936).

The 1980s brought influxes of Dominican Americans, Nicaraguans, Hondurans, and Haitians in the aftermath of various refugee crises in those nations.