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At an industry panel in 1992, radio host Rick Dees explained the popularity of Right Said Fred's tongue-in-cheek disco confection "I'm Too Sexy": "Everyone is so busy they don't have time to devote to memorize [rap songs].

So we formed a little independent label with the plugger to service this one record. We were funding everything – we borrowed the money through friends and a bank loan. It just had a life of its own, like "Gangnam Style" or "Moves Like Jagger" – these big songs that come out of nowhere.

We didn't sign a deal, it was just a handshake, really. The minute it got onto radio, it just started getting massive numbers.

When everyone else was doing post-punk New Wave, we were busy doing sort of ... You sign to somebody then they get picked up by another company and you're left with an A&R guy that hates you. What was interesting about New York in that period, it was very hedonistic. We just did a load of stuff – we went to a lot of really dodgy parties.

Richard Fairbrass, Right Said Fred: Every party was dodgy. We had this song going around which was a bass line and we were trying to write a melody.

But if you gave the janitor guy some money, he'd open it up at night, on the understanding you didn't put any lights on and you didn't put on the heating. Fred Fairbrass: We had to work from the lights that came off the equipment and the little spotlights in the studio.