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The SFS Program provides scholarships to students pursuing cybersecurity-related degrees at participating colleges and universities.Funded through grants from the National Science Foundation, these scholarships are meant to cover a full-time student's tuition and education fees as well as providing an annual stipend."The mentorship and guidance I received in the Scholarship for Service Program shaped my career path tremendously," said Patrick Kelly, an alumnus of the SFS Program.

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Cyber attacks from hackers, organized criminals, or state actors jeopardize the safety of Americans and put our country at risk.

To combat these rising threats, our Nation needs a stronger cyber workforce of educated and dedicated cybersecurity professionals to secure our Nation's internet systems and protect our government, our companies, and our citizens.

The systems we depend on every day - like electricity, running water, traffic lights, and telecommunications systems - are all operated through digital networks, making them vulnerable to cyber attacks.

As data breaches continue to make headlines, it's essential that all Americans understand their role in protecting our critical infrastructure.

Hackers may use tactics like preying on popular keyword searches to lure shoppers to malicious websites, with the goal of collecting financial and personal information. Veterans who have served and protected our country are well positioned to transition into these crucial roles.