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I grieved primarily because I saw the poor and the desperate and the sick being abused and exploited.

My heart broke when I saw the hundreds and hundreds of people at these meetings who were far more sick, far more desperate, far more crippled than I had ever thought of being. I knew that these prosperity preachers were exploiting them for personal financial gain and it both broke my heart and angered me. However, my grieving should have been first and foremost that God’s Name and His Word were being maligned and twisted.

I dare say that as I grew older I disobeyed my Dad and Mom more, not less.

Fast forwarding, at age 16 I went to see Nora Lam and R. Shambach in hopes of being healed of my Cerebral Palsy.

I also tried to alleviate my doubts by getting something that has been a mainstay in my life very confused. For almost all of my life I have confused this lack of bitterness for God’s sufficient grace (2 Cor. Around 2007 I came across Ray Comfort’s ministry Way of the Master.