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She had to take care of me and my sister alone, in the absence of my father. I collected a first aid kit, the pocket utility knives my father had given me, a water canteen, my hiking boots and pocket lights.

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I made friends with the other volunteers during the two-day trip.

A big awkward man sat next to me, his face full of freckles and head full of bright red hair.

We shared memories and dreams for the future of our country and our own destinies once we returned home. Our unit was surrounded by Russian forces and foreign mercenaries for twenty hours. From my position by a window, I was in charge of the front line.

But this morning, our lives were about to change forever. The building was in the middle of the deep, subtropical forest, and the delicate smell of orange blossom and eucalyptus hung in the air. I made a paper cylinder and poured the water to him through the hole in the wall so that he would survive.

He whispered something to his staff and a colonel came to see me off to the main building.