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These were the tools of his trade that hed used on the job for many years.Hed obviously taken that pocket protector and its contents out of his shirt pocket the day he retired in 1976 and put it away and kept it.

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They'd walk up to the table covered with memorabilia, and when they spotted his pocket protector they'd often smile and pick it up, and maybe run their finger across the top of an old spudger or orange stick, before putting it back down with a tear in their eye. They knew why that old pocket protector full of tools was there and why Dad had saved it all those years when he truly didn't have many personal belongings left in the world.

Dad was proud of his career and proud to tell people that he was once a Telephone Man, and I'm proud to have had him as my Dad!!

There were two young boys (I was born in 1948 and my brother Doug in 1951.) vying for his attention by this time as well, and no matter how tired he was Dad always had time to sit down on the floor with us or to gather us up in the rocker with him to just sit and talk or read to us.

Dad eventually left the line crew and moved on to work as a telephone installer for a few years before moving into the Fillmore exchange central office.

After he and my mother got married in June of 1947, it didnt take too long to realize that there wasnt enough business on my uncles ranch to support both his family and the family that my Mom and Dad planned on having, so in late 1947 Dad went to Rapid City and was hired by Northwestern Bell Telephone Company.