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The questions aren't meant to be used like an interview script or even asked all at the same time.

Throw one or two questions into a casual conversation and see what information you gather. It seems as if the answer to this question should be obvious, but it is not. Please do not make the mistake of assuming you know what your love interest needs and wants better than he/she does.

As a result, they usually throw caution to the wind and run heart first into this exciting and wonderful thing we call a "relationship." The only problem is that they do so without asking the important and revealing questions that may determine if the relationship is doomed for failure or headed for "happily ever after." The criteria most of us use to start a relationship is whether or not the person is hot and has reached certain life milestones (jobs, education, cars, designer clothing, fancy toys, etc.).

It is all very romantic and exciting, but attraction is not enough to keep a relationship going.

When starting a relationship, you need to know the ingredients that worked together to form the person before you.