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On two occasions, I've been mistaken at events for a chassis dolly - the term Formula One teams use to describe the models who are hired to lounge on cars' body works and look sexy. We chatted and danced together a bit, and although he was 28 and I was 17 I remembered thinking he was nice.

Two months later when it was my own 18th party I asked my friend at whose party I'd met him to invite him, and he turned up mid-way through the evening with a huge bunch of flowers for me. It would be romantic, I guess to say that Colin took my virginity and we'd been faithful to each other ever since, but the truth was I'd already been had by two different men that day - barely hours before Colin walked in with his floral gift. Du Pont, my physics teacher, who deflowered me during a lunchtime tryst at his flat.

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Most of my followers here know that I am a married woman in my mid-thirties and that I live in southern England.

I bent down and kissed it and then took it completely into my mouth. It was wickedly exciting, and I knew I would want more. I watched them jerk off in front of me - university students by the look of them cheering as each of them came on the floor and swilled down chilled beer as though watching a nightly sports game - which on reflection it probably was to them. I still recall the shock and pain from the tops of my thighs as I found out the hard way that fairy stories aren't always accurate!