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In order to understand this, it is important to give a background of the inhabitants of Hispania at the time.

The Iberian Peninsula was populated by Celts, Iberians, Sephardic Jews, Romans and Visigoths.

Since this was too easy for them, they ran to traverse the Pyrenees to dominate France." 5 How could a person cover 23 km2 especially in those harsh and mountainous conditions?

Olag├╝e writes that "even if these soldiers conquered Hispania in these conditions, they would each have had 23 km2 of land and therefore would be like a needle in a haystack, compared to the other populations."6 Due to these reasons, we can conclude that an Arab invasion never took place.

Nobody will be forced, nothing will be taken away from you; Nobody will be slaves; you will not be separated from your wife or children; you lives will be respected; you will not be killed and your churches will not be burned down. (Text of the Treaty of the Visigoth Ruler of Murcia, Teodomiro and Abd Al Aziz).7 "In the name of God, the merciful and compassionate.