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"Bannon is the author of Trump’s ideology," he wrote.

"It is always worth remembering that Bannon, who departed the White House in mid-August and returned to his right-wing website Breitbart the same day, last year proudly told Mother Jones: 'We’re the platform for the alt-right.' Alt-right is just a new name for Nazis and racists." Roger Cohen, another liberal op-ed writer at the Times, described Trump's effect on international politics as "the last stand of the white man." "The neo-fascists of Poland, of Hungary, are on the march, their anti-Semitism not yet exhausted," said Cohen.

When the American Civil War rolled around their biracial sons fought for the Confederacy.

Today Chang & Eng have over 3,000 living descendants, including WW1/WW2 veteran Major General . Is your life in America worse than being non-European in Civil War era America? Yeah, race matters, but America is a country where a lot of crazy stuff can happen if you try at it.

Many not-for-profit organizations offer coaching and cover race expenses in exchange for your fund raising efforts.