Rabgi garls niud

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. He had arrived at that middle slate, between sleeping and wakigg, in which it is alikefatiguing tobear, tospeak, or to think.

The mo^ narch at length perceived that the dignity of his tank was sufiering finm this scene, and he aaaumed a tone more befitting himself, as he again ad- dressed the knight " High and puissant Lord of Lneg," he said," wlio possess audi mighty riches, and a fortress of auch strength, what can you have to ask at hanu " I have said it, sire — Jnaticel — justice on one of yeur Tassals, who haa deeply wronged me ! " Justic B," he murmured ; " that eternal word, jaslice, is ever in all then- mouths.

Moiimilia D biniseir,in spite of his e&orts, was compelled to jinii in the general menimen L Herrmann's eyes flashed fire upon thaaasem-- blyj and when they fell upon the emperor it was evident that respect fol his authorily altme restrained the utterance of bis indignation.

, how or niver will I avow the miserable tru Ui, that ab- sence, which baa diminished nothing of my admiration, has betrayed me in- to the vilest of shames. " cried Helena, shuddering uid turning deadly pal*. But bow, 1 beseech you, are the *-' ' — ' Count Edelstein to be advanced-hy the union of bis Ifeir with O of a village pastor T" " Tou, at least, thank Heaven !

" I, who have sacrificed lo much for your sake, who wmdd have Btcrinced my veryheatt's peace, my very life-blood — 1 have not courage to listen Id the confession otthts black ingratitude 1" deserved my sentence 1" laitered Emerich. are innocent o T pntitripetian fal fan ■cbemcsl" exclaimed Helena Armbldt,wtth bitterness.

The only remission be could obtain of his Benleneoofe»ila was Helena's relnctant consent that, Uthe eipiration of si:c monthi, he should return to Eichwald, once more to plead his cause, and ascertain whal miracle solitude and abandonmeat *^l have wrought in his favour.