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One such complex issue about which there can be divergent opinions and multiple realities in Hinduism is its stand with regard to premarital sex.

In the following discussion we will examine this subject and see whether it was practiced at all in ancient India.

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The Hindu law books are consistent in using this interpretation as the standard to determine the lawfulness or unlawfulness of human conduct.

Hence, you will find in them approval for certain practices, which present day society may not appreciate.

Those who took liberties were either excommunicated or subjected to social humiliation.

However, since the Vedic laws were not universally practiced or promulgated, people in ancient India did not adhere to the same sexual morality or moral conduct everywhere.

by Jayaram VThis article presents a historical analysis of premarital sex, caste distinctions, and sexual mores of ancient Hindu communities in the context of changing traditional values among the youth and the new social challenges that may impact Hindu society. Hence it may be revised further if research brings out new information.