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Its primary goal is to give men a set of tools and beliefs that allow him to more easily enter sexual relationships with the women he desires.

In modern Western societies, a man who doesn’t at least subconsciously understand game concepts is unlikely to have sex at all.

For those who don’t believe in evolutionary processes, sex differences would have been bestowed onto humans by some type of creator.

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Related: • The 3 Principal Types Of Game • The Death Of Male Authenticity Humans purportedly diverged from chimpanzees 4-8 million years ago.

During that stretch, natural selection has applied different pressures on the men and women of our hunter-gatherer ancestors to increase their likelihood of survival.

If survival is hard, and her basic food and shelter needs are difficult to attain, she will latch onto a provider male at an early age that aids in her survival.

If survival is easy, and she already has her food and shelter needs met, she will then pursue more base hedonistic instincts while leisurely shopping around for the most high status male she can obtain.

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