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These are key traits necessary for developing the ability to engage in satisfying dating or finding a supportive life partner. Many were not taught to engage in self-reflection or to honor feelings and emotions. Women are exasperated because many 50-year-old men want women who are 35 or even younger. The 21st Century offers so many ways to meet and communicate.

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This traps and represses your own thoughts making it hard to reflect and discover yourself.

If you're interested in trying a few dating ones you'll find them in the article links at the end of this piece. The problem is well meaning friends and even family often project their values and perceptions on you.

While you're exploring you may find a very different person residing inside... Lots of Baby Boomers and Gen X'rs grew up in a time where demonstration for causes was wide-spread yet exploration of self was ineffective despite the plethora of books and retreats on the topic.

Freud's twisted views on women and neuroses were still in vogue in some quarters.

To this day a number of doctors dismiss women's complaints more frequently than men's.