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It was practically a brothel and early into Amanda's relationship with her boyfriend she was introduced to several whores with the intent that friendships would develop, and these friendships did occur. Cazares' plan to surround his daughter with wicked influences.

While her father helped hide her activities and whereabouts from her mother, Amanda turned into a wild girl -- getting stoned and fucking.

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What I am recollecting now happened four years ago. Cazares was a womanizer, but that was not well known. To the public eye, he made an honest living these days. It turned out, although I did not know it that day, that he was also a horrible influence on his very own daughter. He spoiled her knowing full well she would get into deep trouble. He recruited one of his employees - a 20-year-old man of ill repute - to date his then 15-year-old daughter. At her father's instructions, and with his financing, Amanda's boyfriend would pay for the motel where they would have sex.

What was known was that he was a deacon in our modest church, and he had a wicked sinner's past. He told people the conviction was for trafficking in narcotics. Her 'boyfriend' was encourage by Amanda's father to teach her the lifestyle of a party girl, a slut. Amanda's mother thought she was spending these evenings with the daughter of Mr. The secretary's daughter would make the obligatory appearance to pick Amanda up, then hand her off to her 20-year-old boyfriend.

The boyfriend took her to a cheap motel across the highway from a truck stop.

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