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Many pre-service teachers do not engage in the social, historical, and political issues that relate directly to inequality and lack of opportunities among different cultural groups in schools and society.Consequently, teacher preparation for multicultural education attempts to address these issues by bringing a change in pre-service teachers' perceptions of self and other by providing opportunities for critical reflection through course work, cross-cultural field experiences, and study abroad programs.

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Murray students and teachers heading to the National History Day competition are, from left: teacher Courtney Major, Aaron Ramsey, Nora Thomey, Fiona Juarez-Sweeney, Claire Driscoll, Bridget Lee, Tana Osaski, Sam Skinner and teacher Carrie Newman.

A number of area students will head to National History Day in June at the University of Maryland after big wins at the state tournament in May at the University of Minnesota.

Multicultural competencies constitute the ability to challenge misconceptions that lead to discrimination based on cultural difference, reflect on one's assumptions and biases, and create a classroom environment sensitive to the cultural background and academic needs of all students.

Research has shown that a majority of pre-service teachers are White, middle class, and monolingual speakers of English with little or no exposure to the diverse backgrounds and cultural knowledge of non-White students.

Hillary Berglund-phillion is a Clinical Social Worker Specialist in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. Having more than 12 years of diverse experiences, especially in CLINICAL SOCIAL WORKER, Hillary Berglund-phillion affiliates with no hospital, and cooperates with other doctors and specialists in medical group Psychotherapy Associates, Inc.