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The organization experienced controversy in its first year of operation.

On October 13, 1961, a postcard from a volunteer named Margery Jane Michelmore in Nigeria to a friend in the U. described her situation in Nigeria as "squalor and absolutely primitive living conditions." The University of Ibadan College Students Union demanded deportation and accused the volunteers of being "America's international spies" and the project as "a scheme designed to foster neocolonialism." brought the Peace Corps under the umbrella agency ACTION.

That may be true, but it ought not demean their work. Only in 1959, however, did the idea receive serious attention in Washington when Congressman Henry S.

Reuss of Wisconsin proposed a "Point Four Youth Corps". Neuberger of Oregon introduced identical measures calling for a nongovernmental study of the idea's "advisability and practicability".

The Peace Corps is a volunteer program run by the United States government.