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Friday Jones: alt.friday AND you can use any Internet Chat program to join the main Sub G chat channel, #subgenius on the FEFnet servers. If you're new to this, find the list of "servers" or "connections" in your program, and try any one that has "FEF" in the name, then when you've connected, type in "subgenius" for the channel to join.) Sunday nights are the main scheduled "online devival" so to speak, but you'll find Subs loitering there almost any time. Slack NEW SUBGENIUS SWAG AT CAFEPRESS -- PLUS: Those ordering Sub Swag could also shop at one of these fine cafepress stores run by Sub Genii and featuring Dobbsheaded products: (Popess Lilith) (Dr. If that doesn't help and you need someone to draw you a diagram, go to alt.binaries.slack. (But you've got to accept a cookie.) The Ranting, Spewing, "Bob" Killing, Eye Shattering, Brain Cleansing Rants, Spews, and Devangelism of the Gription Clench is a golden arrow of slack pointing to the One True Way of Sub Genius Uber Spew!!

That being said, if you can't get to alt.slack or alt.binaries.slack, someone in the places listed below might be able to answer your questions.!! A site full of great art, brilliant rantings, and neat things to buy.

Welcome to the site Selina, I am very proud of you! This site is an educational site for the BDSM Lifestyle and is intended to provide information that is not directed towards a single way of doing things or just the webmaster's viewpoint.

The site is divided into sections for ease of navigation. Each page will contain both an image map and text links to make it easier for you to move through the site.

If you want to add, remove, or revise your listing, or even better, to help, write ME STANG with details. I am leaving most of the page below pretty much as Troutwaxer had it, for now, because I'm in a RIPPING DAMN HURRY, but first I must add these amazing brand new sites of true BULLDADA.