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Rebekah, a gym receptionist from Kent, was so entranced with his culture and the connection that she felt that she uprooted her life to move 7,000 miles to be with him - even though he was already married to his wife Joyce.

But three years on and her fate has been less than straightforward.

Speaking about being a new mum, she said: 'I know that in Kenya, looking after a baby would be totally different.

As the people there are poor, they only buy one nappy at a time, and I know that babies can go through about six a day, so I think at first I’d be better in the UK.'The food is much healthier and less processed, just lots of fruit, veg and meat, and the weather is much better.

She said: 'It was a total shock but she was very troubled.' She said that there had been animosity towards her from some of the people in the village who blamed Rebekah for getting together with Rempesa for Joyce's death.