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Sci Sports automatically measures quality, potential and value of over 350,000 football players around the world with their Sci Skill Index.

- e Coach: e Coach is democratizing sports coaching by providing access to the world's great coaches to everyone.

In Play creates a personalized model for each player based on physiology and workload so their Artificial Intelligence platform can identify players at risk and provide actionable insights for coaches and medical staff.

- Sci Sports: of the ' Sports Innovation (SPIN) Final' competition alongside the UEFA Champions League Final are headquartered in the Netherlands.

At the first contact meeting, organized with the support of the associated company Trivium IC, the athletes who participated were Nacho Fernández (Real Madrid), Lourdes Mohedano (gymnastics), Carlos Soler (Valencia CF), Patricia García (Spanish rugby team) and former athletes Ana Rossell (soccer), Eli Pinedo (handball), Carlota Castrejana (athletics), José Lasa (basketball) and Francisco Rufete (soccer).