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Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. 8or Dalton a Uo says [Human Phyniohgy'}, "There ifl now little room for doubt that vuriouri deforniitictt and deficicucie^ of the fat U8, conformablr to the popular belief, do really originate in certain cases from nervous imprcssioni*, such as ilijif^UMt, fear, or anger, exjieriencetl by the mother."' The obt*ervntions on which this belief ia based relate both to roan aud the lower anima U.

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Much ban been said of the crowding of families in tcueiueutdiuuaea BO eutnnion in New York and other lurgti cities, by which a large niunbcr of childrea are broiighl under one roof; of the uncleaniiuea- of penmn ami »|nil air and sf Hice which it allows to each.

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