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“So have you met someone through social media and had a romantic relationship that worked? The responses she got were postive with many affirming that relationships conceived on social media can mature into a lifelong unions. One user said; “Mine even one month haikumaliza.” Another added; “Mine did not work.” Another wrote; “pia wangu tulianza kuongea august, we’re good and never met though he always insist,but two weeks ago he startrd to withdraw the communication but anasema si kwa ubaya bado yeye anangoja siku nitaamua tumeet..

So how can restaurants take advantage of the online dating paradigm?

First, they need to Identify guest behavior and peer potential.

Services like Netflix, HBO and Stars, have made it much easier for people to stay home and watch movies.

With 100 million subscribers and more than 50 billion hours streamed annually, Netflix reports that the average subscriber spends close to four weeks every year watching its content.

One way to do this is to search for patterns within their loyalty program that will help identify the online dater.