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When you betray people you love, though, it gets harder to tell the truth.”Lying to your boss about your age is bad enough, but after Charles kissed Liza in last season’s finale, she finds herself in a very complicated and lopsided love triangle.

It’s not your typical midlife crisis or even “mid-love” crisis for that matter.

Meanwhile, Liza has a job to do since the publishing world won’t wait on her dramas. Wray’s wishes to promote her book could jeopardize Liza’s secret.

Another familiar face, Michael Urie, returns as ambitious agent Redmond, hopefully with a better client than last time.

Torch Song began its life as a brief comic monologue that Fierstein wrote and performed in an Off-Off revue, and its first section, “The International Stud” (set in 1971 and named for a bar where anonymous back-room sex is the order of the day), builds on a series of alternating monologues.