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A prep school math teacher in North Carolina was arrested for having inappropriate sexual contact with three male students, police said.

But now somebody has launched a new version."People did studies on Silk Road and found that the customer satisfaction level was remarkably high," said Greg Virgin, whose day job is running Red Jack, a company that keeps businesses and government agencies safe from hackers.

We asked him to use his knowledge to take us inside the Dark Web. Virgin said "TOR" stands for "the onion router.""So, it's a network of servers that relay your traffic across one another so nobody can figure out who you are, where you are," he said.

In a landmark ruling on Wednesday, India's top court amended the country's rape law and declared that sex with an underage wife illegal under India's Penal Code (IPC).

The wife must file a complaint against her husband within a year of the committed offence.

"The steps are not only from the legal side," she explained on the phone.