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The Mohawk was retired from active Army duty in 1996, but is still flying in several foreign countries and with some American historic aircraft museums.

While stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington in 1969, I flew a Mohawk cross-country and landed in Pierre and visited my folks in Highmore.

The other great things I received were my education bachelor and masters degree.

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Thank you South Dakota for remembering the Vietnam veterans. Anderson, Pierre, SDIn Tay Ninh Province, III Corps, RVN, we were doing an ARVN Infantry search operation on Nui Ba Dinh (black mountain), and I (MACV advisor) was riding in a UH-1D helicopter to bring in some supplies to our MACV infantry advisors; we were preparing to leave off the mountain and were just hovering when an enemy sniper opened up on us; the trajectory of the bullet missed our M-60 door gunner and went through our fuel tank and came out the other side, just missing our other door gunner.

We did an emergency landing in the rice fields and then, after assessing our damage, flew to the Tay Ninh base and switched helicopters.

Thank you Governor Daugaard and to all the staff and volunteers who are working on the "Welcome Home", and the Vietnam War Memorial Dedication, scheduled for September 2006. I joined the Army because it would pay for two years of college and then I would serve three years of active duty.

For a farm girl with three sisters it was a great way to get a college education. I have wonderful memories of working long 12-hour days, six days a week, with one weekend off every 8 to 10 weeks.

Due to distance from our airfield, we had to fly to the Air Force base in Ubon Thailand to refuel before returning to Vietnam.