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For more information, visit us at Level Up Village is a P21 member, a SETDA merging Private Sector Partner and the first to receive the ISTE Seal of Alignment at the Proficiency Level for the 2016 ISTE Standards for Students.

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With the announcement that Apple will support Web RTC, it has matured into a technology that can be deployed globally and the simplest of devices that support latest generation browsers,” said Toni Monteiro, CTO for Level Up Village.

“This will revolutionize how collaboration happens between students, even in the most disadvantaged parts of the world.

“The addition of video chat technology to our Global Communication Platform represents another big step forward in connecting students globally.

It allows for real-time communication in addition to the exchange of asynchronous video messages, personal profiles and project collaboration,” said Level Up Village CEO & Co-Founder .

Topics we're interested in include STEAM, global collaboration and the latest trends in education.