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Will Cheyney, 35, has paid tribute to his late wife Ekaterina Rusyaeva, who died on July 29, just six days after their trip to the beautiful tropical islands.

Ekaterina (Katya), 36, was told by doctors five years ago that appendix cancer first detected in 2012 had spread throughout her lower intestines.

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Most reliable places to look for a Russian wife are specialized Russian dating agencies: they screen their members and provide contact information of the women (postal and email addresses, phone numbers etc).20.

Less reliable places to look for a Russian wife are large personals where anyone is invited to place a free ad: they do not screen their members and some ads can be bogus, or were placed by local Russian marriage agencies and you will have to pay a double fee: first to join the personals site, then to the local agency.

Most women prefer their partner to be at least a few years older than them.11.

Countries that Russian women are mostly interested in: Western Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia.

Do tell her why you decided to look for a wife in Russia and why you selected her ad.

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