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It was great he was here for my birthday.” Jack and Holly had an early dinner in a private dining room at Lavo with her and TV show pal Josh Strickland.

Holly and Josh raced back to Planet Hollywood for the show and then returned to Tao to continue the party with more friends, including fellow Playmate Jayde Nicole, who has opened a modeling agency here in Las Vegas after her romance with XS and Tryst partner Jesse Waits fizzled.

Barakat, who once briefly dated Holly Madison in her post-' The Girls Next Door' phase, after she broke up with Hef aka Puffin, met Breslin at one of his band's gigs back in April.

Barakat was also seen visiting the actress on the set of the film ' Maggie,' in which she stars as the titular character.

"We were texting for months, and finally when I had my vacation, I was like, 'Do you wanna come out hang out with me?

' and he did and we hit it off right away."And he's already got the seal of approval from one of her BFFs!

β€œIt’s serious enough that neither of us are seeing anybody else,” she told me.