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She takes a long considering look at Yogi once, twice, but isn’t quite sure, and you don’t blame her.

He dresses in blinding colours and is cheerily loud, which doesn’t quite make up for him being seriously loaded.

There’s a lot going on between Yogi and Jaya, and that’s what we want in relationship dramas, this awareness of each other that builds slowly yet steadily.

Director Tanuja Chandra returns after a sizeable gap, and delivers a well-crafted, winsome rom-com.

The pace is just right: not too fast, not too slow. This is the kind of film where nothing happens while everything is happening. But there’s no mistaking the spark that glows between the unlikely Mr Yogi and the very likeable Ms Jaya, as they smile, squabble, and yes, snore their way through the film.

The writers keep Yogi a little mysterious: where, for example, does he get his dosh from? Irrfan’s brand of unkempt, tumble-locked sexiness comes through strongly precisely because he doesn’t try too hard, revealing flashes of banked passion behind the deceptively laidback demeanour.

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