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* * * Don't anthropomorphize computers: They don't like it. What did I do wrong to make them delete my account? * * * An asocial network: When you sign up, you are friends with everyone. I already wrote about two puzzles that Derek Kisman made for the 2013 MIT Mystery Hunt.

* * * How to restore justice: Create a folder named Justice. The first puzzle is now called the Fractal Word Search.

* * * (submitted by Sam Steingold) I can count to 1023 on my 10 fingers. * * * I kept forgetting my password, so I changed it to "incorrect". Years ago people couldn't figure out this puzzle at all. I was glad that my students suggested so many ideas that work. Thank you to my readers for catching this mistake and to Smylers for suggesting a correction. Invent a connected shape made out of squares on the square grid that cannot be cut into dominoes (rectangles with sides 1 and 2), but if you add a domino to the shape then you can cut the new bigger shape.

Now, when I make a mistake during login, my computer reminds me: "Your password is incorrect." * * * —You promised me 8% interest, and in reality it is 2%. * * * (submitted by Sam Steingold) Quantum entanglement is simple: when you have a pair of socks and you put one of them on your left foot, the other one becomes the "right sock," no matter where it is located in the universe. Most people assume that the professor is male and miss the obvious intended solution, in which a female professor is watching her brother fighting with her husband. Nonetheless, many of them revealed their gender-bias by initially assuming that the professor is a man. The solution to the second problem is to color the shape as a chess board and check that the number of black and white squares is not the same.

Alice gets an extra 1 every time she is in the odd position. Suppose your pieces have values that form a Fibonacci sequence. I suggest a different way to divide the Fibonacci-priced possessions. If the scale is unbalanced, the heavier coin is definitely fake and we can remove it from consideration.