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You also have the C'One Hotel Plaza in Pulomas - Cempaka Putih and many hotels in Mangga Besar, for instance Hotel 55 and Hollywood Hotel.This area is probably the best if you are looking for girl-friendly or sex hotels in Jakarta.

Regarding short-time and girl-friendly hotels in Jakarta, as I mentioned in my Jakarta Hotel Guide, almost all of them are guest-friendly.

The only exceptions are family-run guest-houses with shariah rules.

One of the reasons is that it is very discreet as you can access it directly from the parking area. This hotel is located in the same building as the one-stop entertainment complex Golden Crown, one of the most famous nightclubs in North Jakarta with drugs, prostitutes and a 24h karaoke. Most short time hotels in Jakarta are part of the same group (Menteng Group).

They have a range of old hotels in poor shape and they often have a karaoke and bar. Call in advance to check with them as the short time is not official and it can change anytime.

If you are a shopping lover, you should come to Singapore at least once in your life.