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Paul Pogba is said to be the ping-pong king, while Laurent Koscielny and Hugo Lloris lead the way at the billiards table.

The table itself was financed by players' fines from the late 1980s.

Their talent, however, is noted in the younger age groups.

By the age of 14, Anthony Martial had signed up for the Lyon academy having been spotted on trials at Clairefontaine.

Mbappe sported a woolly hat and gloves, while Griezmann kept on his thick jacket even while training, with the collar pulled right up to his jawline.

After warm-up stretches, France were set to doing passing drills as they get ready for a double header of prestige friendlies.

Manchester United were interested in the defender Varane in 2011 having received rave reviews of the levels he demonstrated during Clairefontaine training sessions as a youngster. N'Golo Kante, for example, was dismissed for being too small, much to the exasperation of his coaches, while Dimitri Payet was a late developer and his own club Le Havre did not foresee his potential as a national star.