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The other day I was walking out of the bathroom and he bumped me with his hip and I fell down.

Dolezal locked horns with the historically black college after she graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree, alleging discrimination 'based on race, pregnancy, family responsibilities and gender,' according to The Smoking Gun.

The best malapropisms sound sufficiently similar to the correct word to let the audience recognize the intended meaning and laugh at the incongruous result.: Common Latin stage directions found in the margins of Shakespearean plays.

Manet is the singular for "He [or she] remains." Manent is the plural form for multiple individuals.

These postmodern writers mingle and juxtapose realistic events with fantastic ones, or they experiment with shifts in time and setting, "labyrinthine narratives and plots" and "arcane erudition" (135), and often they combine myths and fairy stories with gritty Hemingway-esque detail.