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if I want to plan something more than 12 hrs in advance and I know the exact situation/services I want, and quality is my threshold concern, definitely gbn or p411 after looking thru reviews ..if I want a week after week mistress/gf to show up, eat dinner with, watch netflix, drink with me at a strip club, and spend the night romping in bed, and get a quickie in the morning before she ubers home, than I have to shift thru SA and work my potential leads ..if you want to ring someone up and set a time, get exactly what you were expecting and bounce without further thought or more effort than the standard 2 call system, then SWs are the way to go.

in that regard it's more like match or okc than tinder or bp.

If you are willing to make the effort, than it be rewarding, but you can't go into it thinking in the BP/P411 mindset ..

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