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Certainly, judging by the various items that we have carrying their brand name, they have every right to be that proud !Oh, I almost forgot, completing her scuba attire on this occasion is a very sexy, slinky, fishnet body stocking ! OK then "Subby-San" what have you got to say about this one ?So why not just dive on into our crystal clear pool and . ;-) Anyways, we have been asked and when this happens we always like to try and deliver and so - please sit back and enjoy live action footage of our gorgeous Mermaid Porchia wearing one of my Spirotechnique Ladies BCD 's along with a sexy white Sub Gear scuba mask and a slinky, one piece Adidas swimsuit. I'm sure Subby will do it a lot better ;-) Anyways, what we actually have here is an absolutely stunning young Aquawoman, wearing a really cool, early 1970's vintage, smooth, black neoprene, Beavertail female wetsuit jacket, a black oval mask and one of our superb 2005 model Aqualung Mistral twin hose regulator.

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Using a nice little collection of vintage scuba gear featuring one of our always dependable US Divers Calypso single hose regs plus an quite old Tabata scuba mask, which has a cute little nose cavity / purge valve arrangement ?

Tabata, now Tusa and heralding from Australia, proudly state they are one of the oldest diving supply company's still around today.

So, for you serious Frogwomen fans, please sit back and enjoy this delectable young Aquawoman, wearing her 'all black' Viking military rubber drysuit and her Ocean Reef 'Raptor' FFM, in moving format !

( she did struggle a little with her rubber hood inflating, but we have that sorted for next time ;-) 401MB - MP4_1080p HD Posted 19th August 2016.

But, as I said earlier, we know this kind of serious diving equipment, being worn by a gorgeous girl, really appeals to many of you.