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What they did wasn’t expensive and didn’t take much time, but it made all the difference in the world. Fillable Toiletry Bag .50 (Fill with your own products to save money) | 6. These are the tips I’ve always followed, but what are your favorite musts, do’s and don’ts?

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Growing up in the South, the importance of etiquette was instilled in me pretty early on.

What was proper, polite and appropriate varied from family to family, but the general concept seemed to exist in every household.

This column is really about sharing perspectives, so I hope you’ll join me after the jump to offer your feedback.

Whether it’s a horrible guest experience or little things you noticed after a particularly welcoming stay at someone’s home, I hope you’ll share your insight so we can all learn from each other. Guest Toothbrushes $12.50 Being a gracious guest is all about cleaning up after yourself and helping your host whenever possible.

Let’s break down the basics: The goal is to make your guests feel welcomed and comforted and like they have space to be on their own as well as ways to connect and be involved with your household.