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A guy will pretend to like the girl just to get in her pants, but if there is nothing else between them besides sexual attraction and they have nothing to talk or laugh about outside of bad, that affair is doomed to be limited to sex and in time till that guy finds a better or at least newer “deal”.

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There are almost no new Italian nuns joining the Sant’Anna convent in Turin, Italy.

The nuns who have joined recently are primarily Indian nurses such as Kerala-born Sister Evangelina, who came to help the fading Italian sisters.

She is too old and tired, but she was relieved to see the pontiff offer a promise of forgiveness worldwide.

Considering that part of their vows and mission is to educate future generations, the biggest worry of all of these aging nuns is, who will take care of the young ones when we are gone?

Other guys continue to play the field for much longer or even for the rest of their active lives.