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If you see a title on this list that is not hotlinked to our collection, please consider ordering it through our Interlibrary Loan department.

Lara Adrian – Kiss of Midnight (2007) – Kiss of Crimson (2007) – Midnight Awakening (2007) – Midnight Rising (2008) – Veil of Midnight (2009) – Ashes of Midnight (2009) – Shades of Midnight (2009) – Taken by Midnight (2010) – Deeper Than Midnight (2011) – Darker After Midnight (2012) – Edge of Dawn (2013) – Crave the Night (2014) – Bound to Darkness (2015) Roderick Anscombe The Secret Life of Lazlo, Count Dracula (1994) Kelley Armstrong – Full Moon Rising (2006) – Kissing Sin (2007) – Tempting Evil (2007) – Dangerous Games (2007) – Embraced by Darkness (2007) – The Darkest Kiss (2008) – Deadly Desire (2008) – Bound to Shadows (2009) – Moon Sworn (2010) Amanda Ashley (pseudonym for Madeline Baker, non-series vampire romances) Embrace the Night (1995) Deeper Than the Night (1996) A Darker Dream (1997) Sunlight, Moonlight (1997) Shades of Gray (1998) Midnight Embrace (2002) After Sundown (2003) A Whisper of Eternity (2004) Night’s Kiss (2005) Desire After Dark (2006) Dead Sexy (2007) Dead Perfect (2008) Nancy Atherton – Aunt Dimity: Vampire Hunter (vol 13) Amelia Atwater-Rhodes In the Forests of the Night (ya) (1999) Demon in My View (ya) (2000) Shattered Mirror (ya) (2001) Midnight Predator (ya) (2002) Nancy Baker The Night Inside (a.k.a.

Awesome “brotherly” feel with the typical testosterone induced spats and worries, and their insistence on resisting romance. A good male needs his mate, and in this series, the mates are gifted human females that are “specially marked” just for the Breed.

Of course, the girls don’t know that, so imagine their surprise Good times hehe!

Warrior vampires that protect the human race from an evil group of “turned-soulless” humans that are just plain gross. Read his book and you’ll see But first, read all the others, and I promise. Greek gods and goddesses (and then some other gods on top of that), shifters, demons and humans and again, swoon-time! Secret government agencies, cover-ups, vampire wars (and you might as well add ghosts and zombies to the mix) and you get non-stop action, and heartbreaking moments and plenty of funny (although more like snarky-funny).

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