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“There was always a rule that you shouldn’t talk about politics on a first date, but now it’s almost impossible for people not to express themselves and not know what the other person believes,” said Steve Ward, CEO of the national matchmaking firm Master Matchmakers.

“People on opposite sides at this point have lost the civility of being able to agree to disagree.” This is especially true for Democrats.

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In a survey from the online dating service Coffee Meets Bagel, 82 percent of Democrats said, "It's more important that my matches' political views are similar to mine," while 66 percent of independents and Republicans expressed the same sentiment.

(i Stock) Progressives have already blamed President Trump for broken relationships and a reduced libido.

“Whenever I match with someone by accident and they start a conversation I just say ‘I voted for trump’, which is nicer than just deleting it,” tweeted a Tinder user named Daniel.

When Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for Jeff Sessions’s Senate seat, was accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old, dating teenage girls, and being banned from his local mall, Democrats loudly decried Moore’s egregious behavior. When Senator Al Franken was accused of sexual predation, Republican senators and President Donald Trump, who has himself professed a propensity for groping women without their consent, in turn jumped to lambast the Minnesota senator.

Now, a recent article from Mashable suggests that he’s spoiled online dating for them as well.