Dating a music man bass

It seems it generally takes the world around forty years to find out about and recognise some long-neglected Detroit musical legends.

In 2003 this happened when the film called ‘Standing In The Shadows Of Motown’ introduced the world to the Funk Brothers. Well, this esteemed group of the finest Detroit session musicians of the day was recruited by Berry Gordy as the Motown house band in the ‘60’s and played on many of the hits from the Motown label’s Detroit era.

The LP copy that I found at a friend’s house was instrumental in the first CD release of that second album and I was commissioned with (Mad) Andy Harrod to write the liner notes for that album.

In those liner notes we pondered the whereabouts of Rodriguez and asked if there were "any Musicologist detectives out there" willing to help find this elusive man.

By the ‘80’s, many homes in South Africa that had a turntable and a taste for quality pop-rock from artists like Dylan and The Beatles, had a copy of ‘Cold Fact’.

Rodriguez first came to fans’ attention through the shock that greeted the line in ‘I Wonder’ that asked: "I wonder how many times you’ve had sex".

Although Rodriguez’ second album, ‘Coming From Reality’, was recorded in London and released two years later with high hopes, both albums soon disappeared off the US radar due to financial problems with his label.